January 24, 2022

International Population Data Linkage Network Conference 2022 opens call for abstracts

The call for abstracts has opened for the 2022 International Population Data Linkage Network (IPDLN) Conference, taking place in Edinburgh, Scotland, on 7-9 September.

The IPDLN facilitates communication between centres that specialise in data linkage and users of the linked data around the world. The Network provides a space for discussion, exchange of ideas, and learning within the common interest of data linkage for the betterment of population data linkage research. The 2022 conference is being directed by ADR UK (Administrative Data Research UK), a key partner in the DARE UK programme.

Abstract submissions for this year’s conference must address the conference theme, Data linkage-research: informing policy and practice, and one of the sub-themes. This year’s sub-themes include:

  • Data linkage, methods, systems and technology
  • Research using real-word data
  • Multi-sector data linkage
  • Linking data to produce Official Statistics
  • Ethics, law and social implications
  • Public engagement and involvement in population data research.

Please visit the IPDLN 2022 Conference website for further instructions, including abstract submission guidelines. The deadline for submissions is 25 March 2022.

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Photo: University of Edinburgh, Chris Close