Our Work

The first phase of DARE UK, which began in July 2021, is an extensive programme of community engagement with researchers, technologists and the public.

This is essential if we are to develop a clear vision of the needs of different research communities, and to address the interests and concerns of the public around the use of sensitive data for research. It will lead to a community co-designed blueprint for the next generation of trusted research environments (TREs), with data standards, access and ethics policies based on trustworthiness, security and interoperability.

The DARE UK Federation

Through consultations with sensitive data research stakeholders in the UK and abroad and members of the public, DARE UK designed the initial draft of the DARE UK Federation, which aims to enhance sensitive data research across the UK.

Community Groups

Established under the DARE UK (Data and Research Analytics Environments UK) community-led pathfinding workstream, DARE UK Community Groups are collaborative community-led initiatives highlighting the importance of working together towards common goals.

Public Involvement and Engagement

DARE UK is committed to meaningful public involvement and engagement. Public involvement and engagement will be embedded throughout the programme to inform our planning and delivery and ensure we are acting in a trustworthy way, with public benefit as the driving force of all we do.

Landscape Review

As part of the initial stages of the programme, DARE UK commissioned a landscape review of existing data research infrastructure across the UK. This involved a comprehensive series of interviews and workshops with over 150 technologists, researchers and others to better understand their experiences and needs.

Phase 1 Sprint Exemplar Projects

During the first year of the DARE UK programme, UK Research and Innovation awarded over £2 million to fund nine research teams to deliver a programme of Sprint Exemplar Projects for eight months from January to August 2022.

Initial Phase 1 Recommendations

In August 2022, we published a summary of findings and recommendations from Phase 1 of the programme to date. The report makes 31 recommendations for the design and delivery of a coordinated and trustworthy national data research infrastructure across seven core areas of need.

Phase 1 Driver Projects

Over £2 million has been awarded by UK Research and Innovation – the UK’s largest public funder of research – to fund a series of Driver Projects as part of the DARE UK (Data and Analytics Research Environments UK) programme.


Find out about DARE UK’s governance, including the Programme Board and the Scientific and Technical Advisory Group.