April 17, 2023

DARE UK launches dynamic collaborative communities, invites proposals for new groups

With a focus on open communication and fostering the sharing of information and best practices, the DARE UK Community Groups will look to enhance sensitive data research and practice in the UK.

DARE UK (Data and Research Analytics Environments UK) is pleased to announce the launch of its community groups set to unite sensitive data experts from across the UK who are interested in supporting sensitive data research and innovation. Established under the DARE UK Community-led pathfinding workstream, the DARE UK Community Groups are collaborative community-led initiatives highlighting the importance of working together towards common goals.

These groups will encourage different communities within the broader UK sensitive data research landscape to collaborate and co-create components and pieces of work that align with the DARE UK programme’s vision. With a focus on open communication and fostering the sharing of information and best practices, these groups will drive the sensitive data research ecosystem towards a brighter future.

The DARE UK Community Groups are modelled after structures defined in similar initiatives by Research Data Alliance and IETF. They are set up through an endorsement process according to a charter, which covers the ‘why’, ‘what’, and ‘how’ of each group, and are guided by a code of conduct. The DARE UK Community Groups have three broad categories – Interest Groups, Working Groups and Communities of Practice. Each group serves a unique purpose and is open to anyone to propose, join and/or contribute to.

While Interest Groups are open-ended, focusing on a broad-based challenge within the programme’s scope, Working Groups are short-term in terms of their longevity and focus on specific, tractable pieces of work. Communities of Practice, on the other hand, are community-driven, self-managed, and independent of the DARE UK programme and, therefore, define their purpose and ways of working themselves.

We invite sensitive data research experts and stakeholders to join the movement and form new groups or join existing ones. If you’re interested in setting up a group, outline your proposal using this Interest Group Charter template or Working Group Charter template and send it to The DARE UK programme delivery team will carefully review your submission with the programme leadership and inform you of the outcome via email once a decision has been made.

We look forward to receiving your proposal.

Learn more about the DARE UK Community Groups