June 9, 2023

DARE UK announces sponsorship of ADR UK Conference 2023, joining forces to shape the future of public data research

DARE UK proudly announces its sponsorship of the ADR UK Conference 2023, collaborating with Administrative Data Research UK and the Office for National Statistics (ONS) to advance the use of administrative data for resilient and inclusive policies.

DARE UK is proud to announce its official sponsorship of the ADR UK Conference 2023. Organised by Administrative Data Research UK in partnership with the Office for National Statistics (ONS), this highly anticipated event is set to take place from 14 to 16 November 2023 at the prestigious Eastside Room in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Under the theme “Public data for resilience and inclusion. Using administrative data to inform policy and practice in challenging times,” ADR UK Conference 2023 aims to foster critical conversations on pressing topics that impact households across the United Kingdom. With a specific focus on health, justice, education, the environment, and climate change, the conference seeks to address the key issues we face in our rapidly changing world.

As an official sponsor, DARE UK will play a crucial role in driving innovation and collaboration among researchers, policymakers, and practitioners. This sponsorship solidifies DARE UK’s commitment to leveraging sensitive data to inform evidence-based decision-making and shape policies that promote resilience and inclusivity in our society.

Hans-Erik Aronson, DARE UK (Phase 1) Director, expressed his excitement about this partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to be an official sponsor of the ADR UK Conference 2023. This collaboration exemplifies our dedication to advancing public data research and driving positive change through data-driven insights. By joining forces with ADR UK and other conference sponsors and partners, we are confident we can make significant strides in addressing the challenges that face our nation.”

The conference will feature an esteemed lineup of keynote speakers, each presenting on one of the conference sub-themes and shedding light on the latest developments and emerging issues in their respective fields. These influential speakers include Professor Rohini Mathur, who will discuss “Research to support renewal, recovery, and resilience”; Ed Humpherson, focusing on “Public engagement and involvement in population data research”; Dr Marion Oswald, exploring “Ethics, law, and social implications”; and Professor Peter Mackie, delving into “Data linkage, methods, systems, and technology: methodological developments.”

In addition to DARE UK, the ADR UK Conference 2023 boasts an impressive list of official sponsors, including Health Data Research UK and Research Data Scotland. The International Journal of Population Data Science (IJPDS) has been designated as the conference’s official publisher, further emphasising the event’s commitment to disseminating groundbreaking research and fostering collaboration in the field of public data.

To learn more about the ADR UK Conference 2023, its sub-themes, and registration details, please visit the official conference website. This is an unparalleled opportunity to engage with leading experts, participate in thought-provoking discussions, and shape the future of public data research for a more resilient and inclusive United Kingdom.