November 26, 2021

DARE UK commissions Kohlrabi Consulting to support UK-wide public dialogue

The dialogue will involve deliberative workshops to explore public views towards what a secure and trustworthy national data research infrastructure should look like.

Fundamental to the UK trusted and connected Data and Analytics Research Environments programme (DARE UK) is ensuring that research is conducted for the public good in a way that is secure, trustworthy and protects sensitive information about individuals. A thorough understanding of public views towards what this means and how it can be achieved is crucial. 

Kohlrabi Consulting, a research consultancy dedicated to making research accessible to everyone, will support the design and delivery of a series of workshops with members of the public, to be held in January 2022. The workshops will explore issues related to data security, access and accreditation, trustworthiness and more in the context of a national data research infrastructure.

Kohlrabi’s expert researchers are supporting us to make sure the opinions of a range of people from across different backgrounds, identities and geographical regions within the UK are accounted for. They’re also providing expert support to the design and facilitation of the workshops, and the analysis of findings. 

The public dialogue forms a crucial element of Phase 1 of the DARE UK programme – ‘Design and Dialogue’. The findings will be published in Spring 2022 and will be valuable for informing the initial design and future delivery of a novel and innovative national data research infrastructure. 

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