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Public Engagement and Data Research Initiative (PEDRI)

The Public Engagement and Data Research Initiative, known as PEDRI, is a UK-wide partnership bringing together organisations that work with data and statistics to generate insights that can inform policy and practice. The goal is to collaborate on establishing and driving forward best practices for public involvement and engagement with data research to bring the views of the public to policymakers and data holders in a more meaningful way.

PEDRI (Public Engagement and Data Research Initiative) is driven by a deep commitment to advancing data-intensive research, with the public at the forefront. PEDRI’s objectives encompass a wide range of initiatives, from setting good practices and standards in public involvement and engagement in data research to creating a supportive community, a central resource hub, and conducting national awareness campaigns to educate the public.

PEDRI aims to build trust between the public and the data research community by enhancing transparency and inclusivity and promoting involvement and engagement efforts aimed at improving public confidence in data-driven research. By creating a support network and comprehensive resource hub, PEDRI will facilitate partnerships and collaboration, offer solutions to challenges, and prevent duplication of efforts.

Projected Outputs

These projected outputs outline PEDRI’s planned efforts to drive initiatives that will contribute to the sensitive data research community:

  • Development and Adoption of PEDRI Standards: PEDRI aims to finalise Best Practice Standards (BPS) for Public Involvement and Engagement in Data Research and Statistics. This effort may lead to potential Working Groups or projects related to the implementation and adherence to these standards and their impact on data research practices.
  • Community Engagement and Knowledge Sharing: PEDRI plans to establish a community program and promote knowledge sharing within the data research space. This could build on existing established networks such as the UK Health Data Research Alliance and could give rise to Working Groups on community engagement strategies, effective knowledge-sharing practices, and methods to enhance inclusivity and transparency in data research.
  • Central Resource Hub: PEDRI intends to create and promote a central resource hub. The establishment and ongoing management of this hub may be supported by Working Groups, which could also explore opportunities for expansion.
  • National Public Awareness Campaigns: PEDRI aims to define national awareness campaigns on public perception of data research, which could be delivered by a Working Group incorporating public awareness strategies and effective communications methods.

Participation and Collaboration

Seven organisations currently make up the official PEDRI partnership. However, PEDRI welcomes individuals and organisations with an interest in public involvement and engagement in data research to join the group. Relevant skills, knowledge, and experience in public involvement, data research, or communications would be particularly helpful. PEDRI aims to coordinate and collaborate with existing groups, particularly within the UK Health Data Research Alliance and other non-health-specific organisations and groups, to drive alignment, encourage resource sharing, and promote the adoption of good practices. To join PEDRI, please send an expression of interest to contact@pedri.org.uk.

Ways of Working

PEDRI convenes monthly (currently online) to assess its progress following a standard agenda covering all facets of its work. The group employs project management tools and email correspondence between meetings to monitor and track progress, assigning tasks when and where necessary and ensuring diligent follow-up on pending actions. PEDRI partners discuss and sign off all plans and outputs before they are adopted. Read the PEDRI Interest Group Charter to learn more about how PEDRI functions as a group.

Group Co-Chairs

  • Doreen Tembo, Health Data Research UK
  • Jan Speechley, Public Member of the Best Practice Standards Steering Group
  • Katie Oldfield, Research Data Scotland
  • David Seymour Health Data Research UK
  • Matt Howard-Murray, Cancer Research UK
  • Neha Okhandiar, Research Data Scotland
  • Paola Quattroni, Health Data Research UK
  • Samaira Khan, British Heart Foundation (BHF) Data Science Centre
  • Shayda Kashef, Administrative Data Research UK
  • Westley Igbo, DARE UK (Data and Analytics Research Environments UK)


For enquiries, please send an email to contact@pedri.org.uk.


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