DARE UK Public Dialogue

Kohlrabi Consulting are supporting DARE UK to run a series of workshops with members of the public to explore opinions on how sensitive data can best be used for research while being kept secure. We are inviting members of the public to take part, to help shape the data processes used nationally in research for public good – for example, research about health or education, that can help inform public services.

What will the workshops involve?

Workshop attendance is 10am-3pm, to give enough time to learn and get fully involved in the discussions.

After being welcomed and getting to know each other, in small groups participants will:

  • Learn current methods for storing personal data and sharing it with researchers
  • Hear possibilities for how these methods could be improved to make research quicker and easier, while keeping the data safe and confidential
  • Hear examples of data research projects, and how they impact lives
  • Share and explore their own opinions on what they’ve heard

What will we do with your opinions?

The opinions heard will be used to shape trusted, UK-wide standards for how to safely get the most public benefit from research data.

Where and when are the workshops?

There are five virtual workshops, with one for residents of each UK nation, and one UK-wide. Participants are invited to contribute to just one workshop.

England: Thursday 13th January 2022

UK-wide: Friday 14th January 2022

Northern Ireland: Tuesday 18th January 2022

Scotland: Wednesday 19th January 2022

Wales: Tuesday 25th January 2022

What will I get for participating?

To thank you for your valuable contribution, participants will receive a £150 voucher to spend in UK stores.

Who we are looking for

We need people ready to learn and share their opinions to attend only one workshop each for the whole day 10am-3pm. You must be over 18 years of age to take part. We are keen hear from a range of people with different perspectives from all across the UK. If you’ve never participated in workshops before, don’t know anything about data and research, but are interested, open, and wanting to learn, then this opportunity is for you.

Kohlrabi Consulting logoHow to take part

To apply or ask for more information, contact Fran Harkness to express an interest in taking part: fran@kohlrabiconsulting.co.uk, 07886 416365.