Find out about DARE UK’s governance, including the Programme Board and the Scientific and Technical Advisory Group.

DARE UK Programme Board

The DARE UK Programme Board is a decision-making group responsible for overseeing the delivery, financial management and monitoring and evaluation of the DARE UK programme. It is also responsible for ensuring a coherent programme of activity and alignment with the wider activities of the UK Research and Innovation Digital Research Infrastructure Programme.

Members of the Programme Board include: Professor Patrick Chinnery, University of Cambridge (Chair); Professor Felix Ritchie, University of the West of England (Deputy Chair); Dr Ekaterini Blaveri, Medical Research Council (Secretariat); Angela Coulter, DARE UK Public Contributor; John Marsh, DARE UK Public Contributor; Dr Catherine Bromley, Economic and Social Research Council; Dr Mike Ball, Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council; Dr Justin O’Byrne/Dr Richard Gunn, UK Research and Innovation; Professor David Ford, Swansea University (Chair of the DARE UK Scientific and Technical Advisory Group); Hans-Erik G. Aronson, Director of DARE UK Phase 1 (observer).

The Programme Board will meet on a roughly monthly basis during the first six months of DARE UK Phase 1, and bi-monthly thereafter. You can find the Terms and Reference and meeting minutes via the links below.



DARE UK Scientific and Technical Advisory Group

The DARE UK Scientific and Technical Advisory Group advises the DARE UK Programme Board and Director and brings wider cross-discipline and sector engagement to help identify strategic direction, highlighting challenges, insights and opportunities to the delivery of the Programme.

A list of members, Terms of Reference and meeting minutes will be published soon.