April 20, 2023

SATRE: Trusted research environments (TREs) features survey

The SATRE team is seeking input from a diverse range of people and teams to ensure a comprehensive view of what features to include in the specifications of Trusted Research Environments (TREs). The feedback gathered will be used to draft the first version of the TRE specifications.

The SATRE project would like your input to map out the specifications for Trusted Research Environments (TREs).

The SATRE team has created a features survey for the technical and governance features you feel should be part of the specification for Trusted Research Environments (TREs). The survey works through different possible features, and you can rank them on an importance scale from ‘not important’ to ‘critical’.

The SATRE team is looking to get as many people and teams as possible to complete the survey to ensure that they gather a diverse range of views about what TREs should look like and identify where there is consensus or where there is none. The team will use the results from this survey to draft the first version of a TRE specification, which the sensitive data research community can contribute to, evaluate and use.

The survey can be accessed here. It should take around 10-15 minutes to complete and can be completed either as an individual or on behalf of a project team. Please complete the survey by 5 May 2023. Alternatively, the SATRE team can arrange a time to fill in your response over a call collaboratively. This can either be done individually or as part of one of the SATRE ‘Collaboration Cafes’ – please fill in this form to arrange this.

If you have any questions, please ask:

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