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Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice are community-driven, self-managed, and independent of the DARE UK programme and, therefore, define their purpose and ways of working themselves. These communities are important forums for the DARE UK programme to engage with and may inform the programme’s thinking.

Communities of Practice are unique in that they are self-established and managed community-driven collectives working independently of the DARE UK programme. These communities determine their own objectives, structure, and operating methods. While DARE UK Community Interest Groups or Working Groups are subject to an endorsement process and adherence to a code of conduct, Communities of Practice are entirely independent of the DARE UK programme, though they may have shared interests.

The primary purpose of Communities of Practice is to serve as open forums or “town squares” where specific communities of interest can come together to engage in open communication, share information, exchange best practices, and collaborate. They provide a platform for networking and fostering ideas related to sensitive data research. Communities of Practice, in the DARE UK context, are managed forums that facilitate interaction and collaboration among like-minded individuals or organisations with a shared interest in data research.

Communities of Practice are open-ended in terms of their duration and are driven by the community members themselves. They may address various aspects of data research and sensitive data handling, depending on the community’s focus and expertise. While they are independent of the DARE UK programme, they offer a valuable opportunity for the programme to engage with them and be a part of their discussions.

DARE UK recognises the importance of Communities of Practice as forums for dialogue and idea exchange, which may, in turn, inform the programme’s strategies and decision-making. However, any involvement or influence the DARE UK programme has within Communities of Practice is not through direct or formal relationships but rather as active participants and members, respecting the self-managed nature of these communities. This allows for a dynamic and organic exchange of knowledge and best practices within the sensitive data research ecosystem, promoting collaboration and innovation.

Communities of Practice Recognised by DARE UK

Establishing or Joining a Community of Practice

As DARE UK is not involved in establishing Communities of Practice and does not hold any formal affiliation with them, intending members should get in touch directly with the community or its manager(s) to enquire about the requirements and processes involved in joining the community.

For other enquiries about the DARE UK Community Groups initiative, please send an email to communities@dareuk.org.uk.


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