DARE UK Community Interest Groups

We believe in the power of collaboration and community-driven initiatives to advance sensitive data research. DARE UK Community Interest Groups are at the heart of this vision, bringing together diverse communities of like-minded thinkers from across the UK data research landscape.

DARE UK Community Interest Groups are structured around broad-based challenges, addressing specific pieces of work within the scope of the DARE UK programme. These groups are open-ended, which empowers them to explore new opportunities and problems in the data research space without time constraints, such as developing new software tools to support information governance, risk assessment and decision-making or investigating new data research methodologies.

DARE UK Community Interest Groups serve as the framework for forming DARE UK Community Working Groups, which address specific issues related to the DARE UK programme and the broader UK sensitive data landscape. This strategic approach ensures that Interest Groups maintain a wide view while Working Groups address specific challenges, advancing the DARE UK vision through open communication and knowledge sharing.

Interest Groups Endorsed by DARE UK

Establishing or Joining an Interest Group

DARE UK Community Groups are subject to an endorsement process before they are established and are guided by a code of conduct to ensure that community management best practices are upheld. To propose a DARE UK Community Interest Group, outline your proposal using this Interest Group Charter template and send it to enquiries@dareuk.org.uk. The DARE UK team will carefully review your submission with the programme leadership and inform you of the outcome via email once a decision has been made.

DARE UK Community Interest Groups are open to anyone to propose, join and/or contribute to. We invite all those interested in sensitive data research to propose relevant groups or join existing ones to help grow the sensitive data research community.

For enquiries, please send an email to communities@dareuk.org.uk.


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