The DARE UK Federation

Through consultations with sensitive data research stakeholders in the UK and abroad and members of the public, DARE UK designed the initial draft of the DARE UK Federation, which aims to enhance sensitive data research across the UK.

The DARE UK (Data and Analytics Research Environments UK) program was established in July 2021 with funding from UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) to examine the prerequisites and tools required to create a secure, connected, and interoperable network of Trusted Research Environments (TREs) for sensitive data research across the UK. In order to improve sensitive data research for the benefit of the public, it is critical to make access to diverse forms of sensitive data safer and faster.

Through engagements with sensitive data stakeholders, the general public, and national and global best practices, DARE UK has been guided in building a model architecture for its proposed “federated” network of TREs to strengthen sensitive data research in the UK – the DARE UK Federation. A federated network of TREs allows for the examination of private information across many TREs and harmonises security protocols among TREs, allowing them to cooperate effectively.

The initial draft blueprint of the DARE UK Federation was published for review and discussion by the general public. This represents the beginning of a series of consultations that will take place in the near future.

About The DARE UK Federation

The draft blueprint of the DARE UK Federation connects data service providers and TREs over a secure, managed data exchange network with strong safeguards for confidentiality, integrity, availability, and accountability. The federation will be managed by a central coordinating body overseen by strong national governance and will consist of a foundation layer and a core service layer.

The foundation layer contains the security features required of a high-assurance network, while the core service layer defines broad classes of provider-to-provider interaction for remote query, data movement, linkage, and indexing. On top of these layers, we envisage a broad-based ecosystem of TREs and other service providers continuing to innovate in support of their specific research communities.

We believe this approach provides the best balance between maintaining the high levels of public trust necessary for this kind of research and providing the rich analytical ecosystem researchers increasingly seek in addressing some of the key societal challenges of our age.

Read the draft DARE UK Federation blueprint report

The DARE UK Phase 1 Driver Projects are playing key roles in designing the different operational components of the proposed federated architecture. These projects – launched in February 2023 and innovating in their various capacities – have proposed overlapping ideas for what an interoperable network of trusted research environments (TREs) should look like. However, we have explained these ideas and illustrated the roles of the Driver Projects in the proposed federated architecture.

Learn more about the roles of the DARE UK Driver Projects in the proposed DARE UK Federation

Share your thoughts with us

We value your input. Whether you are a data and research expert or a member of the public interested in how sensitive data is managed, we want to hear from you. Your unique perspectives will help us improve this draft to ensure that it meets the needs of the data and research landscape and the wider community.

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