May 7, 2024

Recap: DARE UK community groups showcase lunchtime webinar (23 April 2024; 1-2pm)

A showcase lunchtime webinar featuring short presentations by the four funded DARE UK community groups (including Q&A) on their achievements, challenges, and plans for the future.

In November 2023, DARE UK funded four community groups to collaborate across the UK data research landscape and co-design innovations that will shape the future of sensitive data research in the UK in line with the DARE UK vision.

The four funded DARE UK community groups comprising three interest groups and one working group include:

The UK TRE Community focuses on enhancing information governance processes and technology collaboratively, aiming to build transparent and trustworthy policies and systems while ensuring reproducible resources. PEDRI seeks to bolster trust between the public and the data research community through transparency, inclusivity, and engagement efforts, providing support networks and resources to foster collaboration and address challenges effectively.

SDC-REBOOT aims to establish an expert community to aid researchers and TREs in safeguarding research outputs, mitigating disclosure risks, and advancing automated tools. Lastly, the AI Risk Evaluation Community Group aims to develop ethical guidelines for AI use in sensitive data settings, particularly in healthcare, fostering responsible integration through stakeholder engagement and building on existing initiatives.

All four DARE UK community groups pursued their respective projects and completed their delivery cycle in March 2024, marking the end of a five-month funding period. To discuss the groups’ accomplishments, challenges and plans for the future, DARE UK held a lunchtime public webinar, welcoming questions and contributions from participants.

Watch the webinar below in case you missed it…