March 29, 2022

Your views on how the availability and discoverability of research data could be improved

On Thursday 10 March 2022, DARE UK held the fourth in a series of workshops to gather the views of stakeholders in the design and delivery of a more joined-up, efficient and trustworthy national data research infrastructure.

This workshop focused on Data and Discovery and involved nearly 40 participants from a wide range of organisations, including several members of the public.

In the workshop, we explored the key findings from our initial Landscape Review (October 2021) and our first draft recommendations for future DARE UK and wider activity in this area. There were excellent discussions in the breakout sessions, with topics including:

  • The need to focus on the development of metadata that exploits existing standards, that is both sufficient for cross-domain discovery and sustainable for data custodians.
  • Wearables (for example, smart watches), IoT (‘Internet of Things’, such as smart lighting and thermostats) and Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) data, and the need to maintain security and de-identification, and manage storage.
  • The FAIR Principles, highlighting the need for further focus and training on ‘R’ – Reusable – and indeed also Reproducibility.
  • There was less input on Privacy Enhancing Technologies, so we will be looking to engage further in this area – please get in touch.

Our draft recommendations, and a summary of your thoughts and feedback, are captured in the slide deck linked below. If you missed the workshop, you can also view the presentations and a recap of breakout room discussions in the recording below.

View the draft recommendations and your feedback


Watch the event recording:

You can also view the recaps of our other stakeholder workshops.